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Three Ways New Insulin Research May Be Changing Your World

Before the discovery of insulin in Canada in the 1920s, the known treatments for diabetes were often ineffectual. The most promising one was a near-impossible diet in which patients avoided sugar at all costs. When insulin became freely available, it changed the lives of thousands of diabetic patients, in many cases lifting what was effectively a death sentence. This was nearly insulin’s only medical use for decades (though it’s used as an emergency hyperkalemia treatment as well), but several cutting-edge studies have shown exciting new uses for it on the horizon. Whether you have diabetes or Alzheimer’s disease or want to avoid both, this is good news for you. Read on for three ways in which different types of insulin treatments may be changing the world once again. 1. Preventive treatment Though it’s still in the early stages of testing, recent trials have had good success in an attempt to use powdered insulin as a preventive treatment for diabetes. This treatment attempts to lower the risk of developing type 1 diabetes, an immune system dysfunction in which the body unnecessarily reacts to and destroys insulin. The study focused on building up the immune system’s tolerance to insulin and produced results good enough to justify further research.  2. Eliminating needles Insulin treatments, which are typically administered by injection, can be especially hard for those who feel squeamish around sharp needles. But that may become history with the implementation of new insulin technology designed to circumvent the daily need for needles. Some new insulin treatments, such as inhaled insulin, have become available to consumers as recently as February 2015. Other technology, currently in development and trial...

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When I was 30, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Ever since the day that I got the news, I have been very proactive in making sure that every woman understands how important it is to perform self breast exams and to get regular mammograms. The purpose of my blog is to help women learn how to properly examine their own breasts and provide as much information about breast cancer as possible. It is my hope that women everywhere will learn the importance of an early diagnosis and how finding the cancer early can make such a huge difference on the outcome.