Reaching Middle Age? 2 Tips To Help You Fight Mother Nature

If you are reaching middle age, then you know changes are coming with your looks and the way you feel. This is because wrinkles start appearing on your face and body, and you may have more health problems. Fortunately, there are things you can start doing now to fight Mother Nature so you can feel and look younger for a longer period. Below are two of these things so you can get started with your fight

Natural Methods To Relax And Increase Your Sense Of Well-Being

If you have been feeling tense and overwhelmed due to everyday stresses associated with your job try one of the following natural methods to help you relax and increase your sense of well-being. After utilizing the tips, you may feel refreshed and be ready to face the world with a positive outlook. Crystal Bed Session Make an appointment with a holistic practitioner who offers crystal bed healing sessions. A crystal bed involves lying down on your back while on top of a firm mattress or table.

Three Ways New Insulin Research May Be Changing Your World

Before the discovery of insulin in Canada in the 1920s, the known treatments for diabetes were often ineffectual. The most promising one was a near-impossible diet in which patients avoided sugar at all costs. When insulin became freely available, it changed the lives of thousands of diabetic patients, in many cases lifting what was effectively a death sentence. This was nearly insulin's only medical use for decades (though it's used as an emergency hyperkalemia treatment as well), but several cutting-edge studies have shown exciting new uses for it on the horizon.